Kristen’s Top 10 Clothing Must Haves :-)

Hello Followers,

I was recently shopping with a girlfriend of mine and I found myself consistently saying, “that should be a staple in anyone’s closet”. Stores these days can be very daunting; with their racks and racks of clothing. This blog is designed to help all of you who feel lost in these stores, to get in and get out. For those of you who enjoy shopping, check-out these links and perhaps you’ll find something you can add to your collection! Happy Reading!!!

1. Black Pencil Skirt – every girl needs one of these. Pair it with a nice collared shirt for work, and dress it up for a night on the town with a blouse or sexy little tank! Check out Banana Republic. I bought my skirt here several years ago and it is still fabulous!

2. Jean Jacket – White, Black, Denim – This is an easy essential every girl could use; throw it in your purse for when they get cold or use it to keep an outfit trendy and hip. Check out White House Black Market for some unique pieces. I got a jean one from here some years ago and it is still trendy!

3. Cardigan “that pops” – More than ever I am noticing neutral or simple colors i.e. black, white, brown with a pop of color! Try making your outfit pop with JCrew’s cardigans their amazing burnt orange or any other bright color in their selection!

4. Chunky Belt – Belts are in! Make sure you where it at your waist line. It will enhance your physique as well as add that trendy edge you may need. I belt everything- shirts, dresses, even cardigans depending on the detailing. Check out Michael Kors, he does beautiful belts and if you don’t want to pay top dollar TJ Maxx often has them for half the cost! I love this one with the mix matching of gold and silver hardware:

5. Long necklace – I would say go with color, something bright and bold, that will enhance whatever you have on already. If you already have a lot of color in your outfit selects something more neutral like a gold, silver, or bronze. Just the other day I found a great gold and turquoise layered necklace at Forever 21. I paired it with an all black suite and a black cami for an interview and it really popped! Check out another of their layered necklaces! You don’t always have to spend the big bucks to stay trendy!

6. Scarves – Are a great way to dress up or dress down any outfit. Silks can definitely enhance a work outfit adding that chic pop of color, where as more colorful/cotton scarfs can help give you that casual edgy look. I just found this website called great for following what the latest celebs are wearing and check out their scarves!

7. Black Dress – Every girl needs one of these!  If you are looking for something you could get many different uses out of, select one with an appropriate length that could dual as “work and play” dress. The key to finding a dual dress is having fun with the neck line. I often find dresses with a gorgeous square neckline sexy but subtle. Check out,

8. Leggings – Now ladies I have a pet peeve that I must confess to, no one wants to see your bum when you where these, if you are working out that’s a different story, but keep it classy. Pair your leggings with a nice blouse (long enough to meet mid-thigh), or a dress and your good to go 🙂 These ladies know how to rock it!

9. Skinny Jeans – These look great with a pair of rocking jeans, elongating the leg, and paired with a cute top you are ready to go out. Slip them into a great knee high boot and you have a trendier look! If you have some “junk in the truck” so to speak, I feel with you all on how hard it is to find a good jean, try Marciano by Guess ” I am in LOVE”

10. Knee-high Boots – Depending on the heel you can where them to the office to add a trendy-flare to your business attire or you can slip them on with a nice little mini skit and where it out on the town. is a great way to find the boot to fit your personality.

That’s all for now, happy shopping!

Over and Out,

Kristen ❤


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