It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year! Boston’s Restuarant Week

Alerting all Foodies! This past week was Boston’s Restaurant Week. If you can’t make it out tonight don’t worry, it resumes again from Sunday, March 25th until the 30th.

This past Tuesday happened to be my father’s birthday, a great excuse to indulge in Restaurant Week for a family celebration. We ended up at McCormick and Schmicks in the Theatre District. My boyfriend and I arrived early and decided to reward ourselves with a cocktail at the bar. I had a Skinny Margarita, and although it was low in calories it was loaded with delicious flavors. Crisp lime, tequila, and a hint of sugar entered my mouth with every rewarding sip. My boyfriend indulged in an “Adult Ice Tea”. It was carefully prepared with rum, gin, vodka, triple sec, ice tea, and a splash of coke. Mixing such strong flavors can often be a challenge however; this was one of the better Long Island Ice Teas I have ever had. The rum was sweet and lingered on your lips as the ice tea tricked the tongue into thinking it was a virgin drink after all.

McCormick and Schmicks restaurant week menu consisted of four courses. Luckily we had all brought our appetites! I began with the Stuffed Quahogs, by far my favorite part of the meal. The stuffing was filled with chopped bacon, onion, celery and seasoned with just the right amount of pepper. The stuffing was moist and filled with large lumps of fresh clam, allowing it to fall onto the plate effortlessly.

I moved onto an Iceberg Wedge Salad, a very simple salad, which always presents itself beautifully. A tower of crisp iceberg lettuce, with blue cheese cascading down the sides, topped with tiny bits of smoked bacon, and fresh tomatoes. The blend of creamy blue cheese, crisp lettuce, with the hints of smokiness from the bacon only to be cut with the acidity from the tomatoes, was heaven on earth.

For my main course I decided on the Shrimp Scampi and Filet Mignon. McCormick and Schmick’s, is known for their succulent steaks. Despite the stellar reputation, the stuffed quahogs trumped my filet. Perhaps it was because my filet was not cooked medium-rare as desired or because I have weaned myself off red meat, but even a McCormick and Schimck’s steak couldn’t amuse my palate. However, where the steak was lacking the broccoli rabe and the shrimp scampi stepped up. The garlic shrimp was not over-powering which allowed you to appreciate the crunch of well cooked shrimp with every bite. The broccoli rabe was steamed and sautéed with a light butter. The light sauce allowed for full retention of the natural flavors of the vegetable.

My final course was the Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee topped with fresh blueberries and raspberries. This was a delicious treat. As the caramelized sugar wrapped around my tongue, my taste buds moved onto the decadent warm vanilla bean filling. The fresh berries were a great addition and only enhanced the sweet sugary tastes of the vanilla bean cream and the caramelized sugar.

Overall, I must say that it was a pleasant dining experience. If I hadn’t left my love for red meat at the door, it would have been closer to amazing. Perhaps my next dinning out adventure should be seafood inspired.

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